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ABS brand information


ABS - Revolutionizing Snowshoes and Avalanche Safety. Welcome to ABS, the leading innovator in snowshoes and avalanche airbag equipment. The groundbreaking ABS a.bove technology has redefined the way outdoor enthusiasts navigate snowy terrains, leaving behind conventional snowshoes. The snowshoes from ABS, equipped with the revolutionary TwinBag-System, provide unmatched stability and traction in challenging conditions. Whether you're a mountaineer or a casual hiker, ABS snowshoes ensure safety and comfort, allowing for confident exploration. ABS is renowned for its state-of-the-art avalanche airbag systems. Utilizing advanced technology, the avalanche airbag systems keep you protected. The TwinBag-System enhances buoyancy and increases survival chances in avalanches. At ABS, innovation and safety are prioritized in the snowshoes and avalanche airbag systems. Trust ABS for top-of-the-line equipment that revolutionizes snowshoeing and enhances avalanche safety. Experience the future of snowshoes and avalanche safety with ABS and its innovative abs a.bove technology. Choose ABS and elevate your outdoor experience with the high-performance TwinBag-System. Trust ABS for the ultimate snowshoeing adventure.