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Float E2 35L

BCA Float E2 35L


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BCA Float E2 35L Avalanche Airbag Pack - Enhanced Safety for Snow Enthusiasts Experience... more

BCA Float E2 35L Avalanche Airbag Pack - Enhanced Safety for Snow Enthusiasts

Experience superior safety with the BCA Float E2 35L Avalanche Airbag Pack, equipped with the groundbreaking Alpride E2 supercapacitor system. Engineered to harness energy for the compressor, this system outperforms traditional rechargeable batteries, proving its reliability even in frigid conditions. Upon activation, the E2 engine deploys 40% smaller and 25% lighter than the previous E1 model, offering a 162-liter airbag for enhanced protection.

Innovative Snow Travel Companion - BCA Float E2 35L

Introducing the BCA Float E2 35L, a game-changer for snow enthusiasts. This versatile 35L airbag pack boasts waterproof coated nylon construction, Side Stash and Back Stash pockets, a curved side access zip, and removable ski/snowboard/compression straps. The "cooling fin" backpanel ventilation ensures comfort during prolonged use. With options for S/M or M/L sizes, this pack is your ultimate winter adventure companion.

Discover More: The Float E2-25 is our 25L slimmed-down airbag pack designed for all snowsports and features our waterproof coated nylon, Side Stash pocket, Back Stash zip, curved side access zip, removable ski/snowboard/compression straps, hip belt pocket, "cooling fin" backpanel ventilation, and dedicated safety tools pocket. Available in two sizes: S/M or M/L.

Enhanced Deployments with AA Batteries

Maximize your safety with the BCA Float E2 35L by incorporating AA batteries for added deployments. Choose between AA alkaline or lithium batteries to ensure your system remains charged and ready for action:

  • AA alkaline batteries offer one additional deployment and up to three months of charge.
  • AA lithium batteries provide three extra deployments and up to five months of charge.

Product Details of the BCA Float E2 35L Avalanche Airbag Pack

  • Manufacturer: BCA
  • Product Name: Float E2 35L
  • Enhanced Alpride E2 Supercapacitor System
  • 40% Smaller and 25% Lighter than E1
  • 162-Liter Airbag for Maximum Protection
  • Side Stash and Back Stash Pockets for Convenient Snow Travel

BCA Float E2 Airbag Packs - Features


The all-new BCA Float E2 Avalanche Airbag Pack

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