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BCA Tracker 3


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BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon - Stay Safe in the Backcountry with Top-Notch Performance... more

BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon - Stay Safe in the Backcountry with Top-Notch Performance

Discover the ultimate companion for your backcountry adventures with the BCA Tracker 3 avalanche beacon. This cutting-edge bca tracker 3, also known as the tracker 3 beacon, boasts unparalleled precision and reliability. Backcountry Access (BCA) has outdone itself with this device, incorporating advanced technology to enhance your safety during off-piste journeys.

Unveiling Unmatched Performance - BCA Tracker 3

Elevate your backcountry experience with the BCA Tracker 3 avalanche beacon. This exceptional device isn't just a tracker; it's your lifeline in the wilderness. With a focus on backcountry access tracker 3, this beacon leads the way in pinpointing your location, ensuring rapid rescue in case of an avalanche. The intuitive interface, multiple burial indicator lights, and real-time display provide a sense of security that's second to none.

Containing cutting-edge technology in its compact frame, the Tracker 3 minimizes search time and maximizes efficiency. With its rapid processor and streamlined design, it's the ideal companion for both novices and experienced backcountry enthusiasts.

Product Details of the BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon

  • Triple Antenna Design: The three-antenna system ensures precise location accuracy.
  • Motion-Sensing Auto-Revert: Automatically switches back to transmit mode to aid in multiple burial scenarios.
  • Signal Suppression: Minimizes signal overlap for clearer search results in complex scenarios.
  • Mark Function: Allows you to flag multiple burials and streamline your search.
  • Big Picture Mode: Provides a wider search range when you're uncertain about burial locations.
  • Beacon Baseline Test Mode: Helps you assess the functionality of your and your companions' beacons before heading out.

Elevate your backcountry safety with the BCA Tracker 3 avalanche beacon. Trust in BCA's legacy of innovation and gear up for your next adventure with confidence.

BCA Tracker3™ Avalanche Transceiver


Tracker3 Signal Suppression (SS) Mode

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BCA (Backcountry Access): Your Source for Reliable Avalanche Safety Gear. Looking for top-notch... more
Supplier "BCA"

BCA (Backcountry Access): Your Source for Reliable Avalanche Safety Gear. Looking for top-notch avalanche safety gear? Look no further than BCA (Backcountry Access). They specialize in high-quality products designed to keep you safe in the backcountry. One of their flagship products is the Backcountry Access Tracker 3. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Tracker 3 is a must-have for anyonein avalanche-prone areas. For a compact and lightweight option, consider the Backcountry Access Tracker S. It offers convenience without compromising on safety. The Backcountry Access Tracker 2 is a trusted beacon known for its durability and accuracy. Looking for the latest innovation? The Backcountry Access Tracker 4 with improved signal processing is your answer. BCA also offers the Backcountry Access snow shovel, a lightweight and sturdy choice for efficient snow removal. Trust BCA for all your backcountry safety needs. Visit their website and explore their range of products to elevate your backcountry experience.

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