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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25L


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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25 L Avalanche backpack - JetForce The JetForce Pro 25L... more

Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25 L

Avalanche backpack - JetForce

The JetForce Pro 25L avalanche backpack is now smaller and lighter thanks to the redesign and shifted center of gravity, but still offers the innovative JetForce Technology. In addition to improved carrying features, the avalanche airbag backpack has a separate compartment for avalanche gear and an attachment option for ice tools. Black Diamond's alpine backpack is easy to carry and very robust, plus the integrated JetForce Technology is rechargeable and can be activated multiple times. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, software and system updates can be easily installed via smartphone. The airbag can also be activated when the skis are on, in addition, the JetForce Pro also has a valuables pocket on the hip belt, an internal accessory pocket and a HiLo - helmet holder, as well as a leg loop with a carabiner clip for attachment.

Black Diamond - JetForce Pro 25 L

The JetForce Pro is equipped with the latest JetForce - Technology as well as the PIEPS avalanche airbag system. The advancement of JetForce technology has allowed the center of gravity of the avalanche backpack to be shifted, improving the feel and making the backpack smaller and lighter. The backpack has an automatic deflation function to create airspace and can be activated multiple times. An automatic self-diagnosis is performed each time the system is started. With the Bluetooth interface, software updates can be updated directly via the PIEPS APP on the smartphone, as well as individual settings can be made. The functional avalanche backpack from Black Diamond is specially designed for avalanche equipment and has a capacity of 25 liters.  With the additional gear compartment and sufficient storage space for clothing, snacks or the like, you will be well equipped in the alpine terrain. The JetForce Pro 25 L Avalanche Airbag Pack is modular, i.e. it can optionally still be a backpack, like the Splitboard Booster - Backpack with 25 L attached. This gives you additional storage space and you can convert the avalanche backpack as needed. The Black Diamond JetForce Pro 25 also has an ice tool holder, as well as a stowable leg loop on the hip belt with carabiner clip for quick attachment. A highlight of Black Diamond's avalanche backpack is that the airbag can be activated even when skis are attached with the ski attachment. The activation mechanism is equipped with a status indicator and can optionally be attached to the carrying strap on the left or right and at the desired height.
Tech Specs:

• Material (210d + PE 200d)
• Avg. Stock Weight
        [S/M] 2.87 kg (6 lb 5 oz)
        [M/L] 2.97 kg (6 lb 7 oz)
• Volume
        [S/M] 25 L (1,525 cu in)
        [M/L] 25 L (1,525 cu in)
• Instructions
• Jetforce Battery Replacement
• Jetforce Flying Info

JetForce Pro - Avalanche Airbag Pack

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PIEPS Technology - Black Diamond - JetForce

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Black Diamond - Explore and Adventure

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Black Diamond - Skiing

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JetForce Pro - usage and instruction

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