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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 35L


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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro The next evolution of our innovative JetForce Technology, the... more

Black Diamond Jetforce Pro

The next evolution of our innovative JetForce Technology, the Black Diamond JetForce Pro avalanche airbag system is now smaller and lighter and features Bluetooth capabilities for easy updates. The 35-liter pack is spacious, designed for snow-safety professionals and backcountry travelers that demand plenty of storage, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a 10-liter, 25-liter, or 25-liter splitboard booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry.

JetForce Pro 35 L avalanche backpack - Features and Benefits

The avalanche airbags from Black Diamond with the PIEPS technology are constantly being further developed. The backpack has not only become smaller and lighter, but also offers an extra compartment specially adapted to avalanche equipment for extra storage space. The travel-friendly JetFore Pro Pack with a volume of 35 liter has a wide range of applications, and thanks to JetForce technology it is still rechargeable and can be triggered several times. This offers a lot of security and is crucial in alpine terrain. This technology also ensures that the Black Diamond JetForce Pro Pack 35 l performs an automatic self-diagnosis at each start, as well as an automatic deflation to create an air pocket. The PIEPS – APP provides great ease of use, with which you can conveniently update the software with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. This also allows you to adjust and control settings individually.

JetForce Pro – Black Diamond Characteristics

Thanks to the more compact system, the JetForce Pro 35 l avalanche airbag has a lower backpack centre of gravity, which improves the feeling of wear. At the same time, there is enough space for clothing, accessories, drinks and equipment to store. In addition, a 10 or 25 litre backpack can be attached to the JetForce Pro 35 as required. Even more comfort is offered by the Splitboard Booster backpack with 25 L which can be attached to the Black Diamond JetForce Pro 35. The new design of the leg loop on the hip belt is not the only new element. It can be retracted and carabiners can be attached to the hip belt for easier handling. Secure your equipment such as an ice axe with the extra clip for quick attachment to the hip belt. The trigger mechanism can also be attached to the left or right shoulder strap, as well as at the appropriate height. This makes the Black Diamond JetForce Pro 35 Liter is the ideal choice when it comes to safety, comfort, technology and versatility.

Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 35L - Product specifications:

  • Volume:[S/M] 35 L (2,136 cu in)
  • [M/L] 35 L (2,136 cu in)
  • Average Stock Weight:[S/M] 2.96 kg (6 lb 8 oz)
  • [M/L] 3.06 kg (6 lb 12 oz)
  • Materials:Dynex (210d + PE 200d)
  • Instructions
  • Jetforce Battery Replacement
  • Jetforce Flying Info

JetForce - Technology:

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PIEPS JetForce Pro 35 - Sytem:

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JetForce Pro 35 l - Instroctions for use:

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Black Diamond - Conquer Nature:

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