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Cabrinha Fusion X-Series Wings


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Cabrinha Fusion X-Series Wings more

Cabrinha Fusion X-Series Wings

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Cabrinha is a world-renowned brand in the kiteboarding industry, known for its high-quality... more
Supplier "Cabrinha"

Cabrinha is a world-renowned brand in the kiteboarding industry, known for its high-quality cabrinha kites, boards, and accessories. The brand's flagship product, the Cabrinha Switchblade, is a versatile kite that provides exceptional performance in a variety of conditions. Cabrinha also offers a range of cabrinha wings, including the Chaos and FX, perfect for riders looking for a more dynamic kiteboarding experience. Additionally, the brand's cabrinha foil collection allows riders to take their kiteboarding to new heights, offering a unique and thrilling experience. To complete the Cabrinha range, a variety of high-performance cabrinha kiteboards are available, including the Drifter and the custom-designed, shape-specific boards. With Cabrinha, riders can be confident they are getting the best in kiteboarding technology and performance.

Image 3210420002229_1.jpg Cabrinha Switchblade
From $1,061.10  
Image 404.01180.010_1.jpg Prolimit Harness Kite Waist Alpha
From $397.57   $567.95  
Image 3910450000999_1.jpg Cabrinha Spark
$175.16   $218.95  
Image 406.25000.000_1.jpg STX iFoil
From $779.95  
Image 404.01320.020_Harness_Kite_Seat_Pro_Black_Grey_Orange_1.jpg Prolimit Harness Kite Seat Pro
From $149.77   $213.95