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Image 00-0000061332_1581.jpg Salewa Ms Rapace GTX
Rapace GTX - Salewa's best approach boot. The Rapace GTX is Salewa's new and ultra-lightweight mountaineering boot . The Rapace GTX is made of ultra tough nubuck to withstand any terrain! Abrasion-resistant textile material allow for...
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Image 00-0000061328_7512.jpg Salewa Ms Crow GTX
Salewa Ms Crow GTX
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Image 87520G-M_MontBlancProGtx_Tonic_CMYK (1).jpg Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX - tonic
Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX Our most versatile and durable alpine boot that combines modern features with old-school reliability, the Mont Blanc Pro GTX features a super-tough leather upper with an integrated cuff gaiter that protects and...
$410.11   $455.68  
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Image 00-0000061318_0916.jpg Salewa Ms Condor Evo GTX (M) - Black/Cactus
Salewa Ms Condor Evo GTX (M)
$166.36   $207.95  
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Image 00-0000061321_5539.jpg Salewa Ws Condor Evo GTX (M)
Salewa Ws Condor Evo GTX (M)
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Image 00-0000061333_8630.jpg Salewa Ws Rapace GTX
Salewa Ws Rapace GTX The Rapace GTX is a lightweight mountaineering boot that teams a hard-wearing nubuck and fabric upper with waterproof and?reathable GORE-TEX® protection.Secure grip meets comfort and support – SALEWA’s solution for...
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Image 00-0000061343_0456.jpg Salewa Ms Raven 3 GTX - Grisaille/Tender Shot
Salewa Ms Raven 3 GTX Designed to make light work of tough alpine terrain in variable conditions. Our Raven 3 GORE-TEX® men’s mountaineering boot has an abrasion-resistant fabric upper to offer exceptional stability, durability and...
$240.24   $300.30  
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Image 00-0000063459_8550.jpg Salewa Ws Mtn Trainer Mid GTX - Atlantic Deep/Ombre Blue
Salewa Ws Mtn Trainer Mid GTX The MTN Trainer Mid GTX is a lightweight men’s summer alpine?rekking boot with a robust suede leather and fabric upper plus waterproof and?reathable GORE-TEX® protection.Designed to provide extra flexibility...
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Image 60028-M_Marmolada Pro HD_shark octane_CMYK (2).jpg Scarpa Marmolada Pro HD - shark/octane
Scarpa Marmolada Pro HD
$186.26   $206.95  
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Image 00-0000061329_3985.jpg Salewa Ws Crow GTX
Salewa Ws Crow GTX The Crow GTX is a versatile mountaineering boot with an abrasion-resistant fabric upper and waterproof GORE-TEX® protection.Designed for mixed use on general alpine terrain and alpine?rekking, the Crow GTX has a...
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