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Image K011AA00-RAD-SYSTEM_LowRes.jpg Petzl Rad System
Petzl Rad System
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Image U021AA00-NOMIC_LowRes.jpg Petzl Nomic
Petzl Nomic PETZL NOMIC - Ice Climbing The ice climbing too l from Petzl is versatile. It can be adapted according to your tour, thanks to its modular concept. The NOMIC is perfectly balanced and has an impressive swing and punch. The...
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Image U019AA00-QUARK_LowRes.jpg Petzl Quark
Petzl Quark
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Image D13A-AG-GRIGRI-_LowRes.jpg Petzl Grigri +
Petzl Grigri +
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Image 87408_Phantom6000Hd_Black Orange_CMYK (1).jpg Scarpa Phantom 6000
Scarpa Phantom 6000 A more streamlined version of our Phantom 8000 for highly technical, cold-weather climbing at lower elevations, the Phantom 6000 features an incredibly warm double-boot design with a lightweight, lower profile...
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Image 70036-L_InstinctLace Wmn_BlackAqua_CMYK (2).jpg Scarpa Instinct Lace Wmn
Scarpa Instinct Lace Wmn
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Image S064BA00_ALCANADRE_GUIDE_45L_focus_1_LowRes.jpg Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
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Image R34AD-ARIAL-95-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Arial 9.5 mm
Petzl Arial 9.5 mm
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Image T05A-LLU-VASAK-LLU_LowRes.jpg Petzl Vasak
Petzl Vasak
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Image L060AA00-SCORPIO-VERTIGO_LowRes.jpg Petzl Scorpio Vertigo
Petzl Scorpio Vertigo
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Image 70040-L_VaporV Wmn_DahliaAqua_RGB (1).jpg Scarpa Vapor V Wmn
Scarpa Vapor V Wmn
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Image 70059_FuriaAir_BalticBlueYellow_front.jpg Scarpa Furia Air
Scarpa Furia Air
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Image 71290_057a.jpg Edelrid Hummingbird Pro Dry 9,2mm - Icemint-Citrus
Edelrid Hummingbird Pro Dry 9,2mm
$135.96 $169.95
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Image K029CA-KIT-VIA-FERRATA-VERTIGO_LowRes.jpg Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Vertigo
Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Vertigo
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Image U015AA00-SUMTEC-panne_LowRes.jpg Petzl Sum'Tec
Petzl Sum'Tec
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Image 70013-L_InstinctVS Wmn_BlackAqua_RGB (1).jpg Scarpa Instinct Vs Wmn
Scarpa Instinct Vs Wmn
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Image 72522_L_ZenPro_Wmn_Shark_GreenBlue_front.jpg Scarpa Zen Pro Wmn
Scarpa Zen Pro Wmn
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Image 70039_Instinct_S_Black_Azure_front.jpg Scarpa Instinct S
Scarpa Instinct S
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Image 00-0000063487_5949.jpg Salewa Ms Wildfire GTX - Myrtle/Fluo Green
Salewa Ms Wildfire GTX
$129.56 $161.95
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Image 67075G-M_ZG Trek GTX_titanium-lakeblue_CMYK (2).jpg Scarpa ZG Trek GTX
Scarpa ZG Trek GTX
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Image 70013-M_InstinctVS_Black_CMYK (3).jpg Scarpa Instinct VS
Scarpa Instinct VS Combining a curved, asymmetrical last with a slightly softer construction and thinner sole for enhanced flexibility and sensitivity, the Instinct VS is the cornerstone of our Performance line—an all-around shoe that...
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Image K029DA-KIT-VIA-FERRATA-EASHOOK_LowRes.jpg Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Eashook
Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Eashook
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Image 412086_0000_VIPER_ADZE_nocolor.jpg Black Diamond Viper
Black Diamond Viper
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Image 70071_02_BOOSTIC_Blk-Azu_RGB0418 (3).jpg Scarpa Boostic
Scarpa Boostic
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