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Image 71289_022a.jpg Edelrid Swift Protect Pro Dry 8,9mm
Edelrid Swift Protect Pro Dry 8,9mm
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Image 83211_200a.jpg Edelrid Static Low Stretch 10,5mm
Edelrid Static Low Stretch 10,5mm
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Image 83202_047a.jpg Edelrid Performance Static 9,0mm
Edelrid Performance Static 9,0mm
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Image 71079_300a.jpg Edelrid Boa 9,8mm
Edelrid Boa 9,8mm
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Image 71238_017a.jpg Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8,5mm
Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8,5mm
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Image 71291_047a.jpg Edelrid Kinglet 9,2mm
Edelrid Kinglet 9,2mm
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Image 71334_499a.jpg Edelrid Tommy Caldwell Eco Dry DT 9,6mm
Edelrid Tommy Caldwell Eco Dry DT 9,6mm
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Image 71057_024a.jpg Edelrid Tower 10,5mm
Edelrid Tower 10,5mm
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Image 71080_300a.jpg Edelrid Python 10,0mm
Edelrid Python 10,0mm
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Image 71081_020a.jpg Edelrid Cobra 10,3mm
Edelrid Cobra 10,3mm
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Edelrid is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of climbing equipment, mountain sports and safety equipment. The wide range of products offers everything from climbing harnesses, ropes, helmets, carabiners, crampons as well as climbing pants and gloves. Furthermore, self-belaying lanyards such as the Switch Adjust and crash pads such as Edelrid Crux III and Edelrid Mantle III also belong to the range. Safety equipment and safety devices such as: Mega Jul, Giga Jul and Ohm are essential for climbers. Ropes like: Rap Line, Swift Protect Pro Dry and climbing harnesses like: Finn, Jay II, Jay III, Solaris, Sendero and Prisma Guide are part of the standard range. Countless carabiners, pulleys like Spoc and via ferrata sets like Cable Kit 5. 0, Cable Kit 6.0 and Cable Comfort 6.0. For safe ice climbing we recommend the crampons Beast, Shark and Spiderpick as well as the ice gear Riot Adze Ice Axe, Edelrid Raid Ice Axe and Edelrid Rage.