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Image 71499_138a.jpg Edelrid Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6mm
Edelrid Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6mm
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Image 71334_499a.jpg Edelrid Tommy Caldwell Eco Dry DT 9,6mm
Edelrid Tommy Caldwell Eco Dry DT 9,6mm
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Image 71500_900a.jpg Edelrid Parrot 9,8mm
Edelrid Parrot 9,8mm
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Image 71236_329a.jpg Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7,9mm
Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7,9mm
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Image 71291_047a.jpg Edelrid Kinglet 9,2mm
Edelrid Kinglet 9,2mm
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Image 83205_047a.jpg Edelrid Performance Static 10,5mm
Edelrid Performance Static 10,5mm
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Image 71080_300a.jpg Edelrid Python 10,0mm
Edelrid Python 10,0mm
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Image 71081_020a.jpg Edelrid Cobra 10,3mm
Edelrid Cobra 10,3mm
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Image 71237_017a.jpg Edelrid Starling Pro Dry 8,2mm
Edelrid Starling Pro Dry 8,2mm
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Image 71238_017a.jpg Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8,5mm
Edelrid Kestrel Pro Dry 8,5mm
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Edelrid is a renowned German brand that specializes in providing high-quality climbing gear and accessories. Their products, including the popular Edelrid Ohm, Edelrid harness, and Edelrid rope, are known for their durability and reliability, making them a favorite among climbers. The Edelrid Ohm is a revolutionary technology that reduces the impact of falls on the rope, making climbing safer and more secure. The Edelrid harnesses are designed for maximum comfort and stability, allowing climbers to tackle challenging routes with confidence. The Edelrid ropes are also top-of-the-line, offering excellent handling and control during belaying and rappelling. Edelrid's commitment to innovation and safety is also reflected in their new product, the Edelrid Sendero, which is a next-generation climbing harness designed for modern climbers. Whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out, the Edelrid brand is the perfect choice for all your climbing needs. The ohm climbing technology, combined with the quality and comfort of the Edelrid harnesses and ropes, make Edelrid a must-have for all climbers.