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Image Tempest_Duffle_70_7640277840300.jpg EXPED Tempest 70
EXPED Tempest 70
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Image Ultra_0_S_M_MW_L_LW_TOP_VIEW.jpg EXPED Ultra 0
EXPED Ultra 0
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Image Ultra_10_M_L_left_TOP_VIEW_7640445456708_7640445456722.jpg EXPED Ultra 10
EXPED Ultra 10
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Image Ultra_1R_LW_Mummy_7640445454438.jpg EXPED Ultra 1R LW Mummy
EXPED Ultra 1R LW Mummy
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Image Ultra_1R_M_Mummy_top_7640445454414.jpg EXPED Ultra 1R M Mummy
EXPED Ultra 1R M Mummy
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Image Ultra_3R_Duo_LW_7640445454544.jpg EXPED Ultra 3R LW
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Image Ultra_3R_M_7640445454476.jpg EXPED Ultra 3R M
EXPED Ultra 3R M
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Image Ultra_3R_MW_7640445454483.jpg EXPED Ultra 3R MW
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Image Ultra_3R_MW_Mummy_7640445454513.jpg EXPED Ultra 3R MW Mummy
EXPED Ultra 3R MW Mummy
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Image Ultra_3R_S_7640445454469.jpg EXPED Ultra 3R S
EXPED Ultra 3R S
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EXPED offers powerful equipment such as tents, backpacks and sleeping mats for outdoor experiences. After a long hike, the sleeping mats of EXPED offer maximum comfort and relaxation. Discover the EXPED MegaMat Max 15 Duo LW+ and the MegaMat Duo 10 LW+ for your next trip. Other sleeping mats from EXPED are SynMat 7 UL, SynMat duo, SynMat UL LW as well as the DownMat 9 LW and DownMat HL. The EXPED Lite -5° sleeping bag keeps you warm even in cold places. Also take a look at the tents of EXPED, such as the Venus II UL, Vela I UL, Vela I Extreme or Mira I HL and Mira II HL.