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Image U021AA00-NOMIC_LowRes.jpg Petzl Nomic
Petzl Nomic PETZL NOMIC - Ice Climbing The ice climbing too l from Petzl is versatile. It can be adapted according to your tour, thanks to its modular concept. The NOMIC is perfectly balanced and has an impressive swing and punch. The...
250,00 EUR
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Image K011AA00-RAD-SYSTEM_LowRes.jpg Petzl Rad System
Petzl RAD SYSTEM Access the inaccessible Petzl offers the Rad System, a complete, lightweight and compact equipment set with special lanyard designed for ski mountaineers for crevasse rescue , rappelling and roping up on the glacier to...
300,00 EUR
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Image U019AA00-QUARK_LowRes.jpg Petzl Quark
Petzl Quark
220,00 EUR
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Image D13A-AG-GRIGRI-_LowRes.jpg Petzl Grigri +
Petzl Grigri +
110,00 EUR
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Image S064BA00_ALCANADRE_GUIDE_45L_LowRes.jpg Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
Petzl Alcanadre Guide 45
125,00 EUR
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Image R010AA01-PUR-LINE-6-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Pur Line 6 mm
Petzl Pur Line 6 mm
500,00 EUR
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Image 381123_6015_HOTFORGEHYBRIDQUICKPACK12cm_UltraPink.jpg Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid Quickpack 12 cm
Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid Quickpack 12 cm
79,99 EUR
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Image R34AC-ARIAL-95-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Arial 9.5 mm - Red
Petzl Arial 9.5 mm
237,00 EUR
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Image K029DA-KIT-VIA-FERRATA-EASHOOK_LowRes.jpg Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Eashook
Petzl Kit Via Ferrata Eashook
230,00 EUR
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Image R011AA00-RAD-LINE-6-mm_LowRes.jpg Petzl Rad Line 6 mm
Petzl Rad Line 6 mm
315,00 EUR
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