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Hayes Dominion A4


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Hayes Dominion A4 - Break Pads With the all-new Stealth Dominion, our excellent Hayes brakes... more

Hayes Dominion A4 - Break Pads

With the all-new Stealth Dominion, our excellent Hayes brakes are back - offering even more braking options! The Dominion master cylinder is inherently tuned for the shortest possible deadband and a crisp braking point. The Hayes Dominion A4 caliper uses 4 pistons in the most solid construction possible. It features a cold forged caliper and a structural KingPin pad mount that raises stiffness.

Dominion A4 - Hayes Break Pads

With the Dominion A4 motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke bleed system with 2 ports, industry-leading DOT 5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is designed for Ultimate performance at all temperatures and simple maintenance. The Hayes Dominion A4 features our proprietary QuickBite system for lightning fast and smooth braking combined with our D-Series rotor to handle the heat with less brake noise. The A4 features a new design concept from the ground up: powerful four pistons and a cold forged caliper connected viá Kevlar hose to a massive looking master cylinder. Immediately upon assembling the Dominion A4, which weighs in at 307 grams, you begin to understand why Hayes is so proud of this new braking system. Not only is the Hayes Dominion A4 engineering sophisticated and the brake hose exit at the caliper perfectly angled for elegant mounting, but the Crosshair alignment aid is simply an engineering feat. This feature of Hayes Dominion is really cool and takes the guesswork out of brake mounting. Braking power is everything for the Dominion A4 at Hayes. That was also the challenge the Hayes Dominion A4 engineers set themselves. The result is the completely redesigned Dominion A4. The lever actuator on the Dominion A4 is set at the factory for the shortest possible idle travel to produce a crisp pressure point immediately upon release. In the cold forged, stiff caliper of the Dominion 4 pistons are installed to be able to use the largest possible brake pads and thus come to a maximum braking force.

Product details of Hayes dominion A4:

  • Locations: Downhill / Freeride, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail, E-MTB
  • Brake caliper material: aluminum
  • Material of the brake lever: aluminum
  • Material of mounting bolts: steel
  • Number of pistons: 4
  • Brake mounting: Postmount
  • Brake disc: without
  • Brake medium: DOT 5.1
  • Brake line: Plastic with Kevlar
  • Brake pad: Semi-metallic
  • Grip width adjustment: yes, toolless
  • Pressure point adjustment: yes
  • Mounting: left or right (flip flop)
  • Clamp: split
  • Cable length: 1000 mm (VR) and 1800 mm (HR)
  • Weight from manufacturer: from 310g (front brake, 90 cm cable)

Hayes Dominion A4 Product Video


Hayes Dominion A4 Hose Trim and Bleed Procedure

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