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Image Gormsson-plus-4-curve-110464-65-66-nordisk-summer-sleeping-bag-artichoke-green-01.jpg Nordisk Gormsson +4 Curve
Nordisk Gormsson +4 Curve
179,95 EUR
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Image Oscar-plus-10-mummy-110482-83-nordisk-summer-sleeping-bag-rio-red-01.jpg Nordisk Oscar +10 Mummy
Nordisk Oscar +10 Mummy
286,14 EUR
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Image Oscar-minus-20-mummy-110456-57-58-nordisk--winter-sleeping-bag-rio-red-01.jpg Nordisk Oscar -20 Mummy
Nordisk Oscar -20 Mummy
419,95 EUR
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Image Megasleep Duo 25_7640171997308_7640445452533.jpg EXPED Mega Sleep Duo 25
EXPED Mega Sleep Duo 25
270,00 EUR
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Image 3700621_3911_ExosphereMinus10SL_petrol_mango_D_00.jpg Deuter Exosphere -10 SL
Deuter Exosphere -10 SL
250,00 EUR
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Image 3700821_3515_ExosphereMinus10L_steel_fire_D_00.jpg Deuter Exosphere -10 L
Deuter Exosphere -10 L
260,00 EUR
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Image Almond-minus-2-141003-141010-nordisk-organic-cotton-sleeping-bag-bungy-cord-brown-1.jpg Nordisk Almond -2
Nordisk Almond -2 Classical and snug 3-season sleeping bagAlmond -2° is an extremely comfy and snug sleeping bag with all the features you expect from a classical sleeping bag. Both shell and lining are made of 100% organic cotton...
89,71 EUR
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Image Gormsson-minus-10-mummy-110460-44-45-nordisk-winter-sleeping-bag-artichoke-green-01.jpg Nordisk Gormsson -10 Mummy
Nordisk Gormsson -10 Mummy
190,10 EUR
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Image Gormsson-minus-2-curve-110467-68-69-nordisk-3-season-sleeping-bag-artichoke-green-01.jpg Nordisk Gormsson -2 Curve
Nordisk Gormsson -2 Curve
146,46 EUR
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Image Gormsson-minus-2-egg-110474-75-nordisk-3-season-sleeping-bag-artichoke-green-01.jpg Nordisk Gormsson -2 Egg
Nordisk Gormsson -2 Egg
209,95 EUR
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