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Image Katadyn-Keramik-Filterelement-Nr-7-Inox-1075-19649df3hp8T3aiNA0.jpg Katadyn Cartridge No. 7 - Inox
Katadyn Cartridge No. 7 - Inox
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Image 8017685_Combi.jpg Katadyn Combi Filter
Katadyn Combi Filter
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Image 8020537_Pocket Replacement Cartridge_Tactical_web.jpg Katadyn Pocket Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Tactical
Katadyn Pocket Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Tactical
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Image Katadyn-Drip-Filter-Ceradyn-Endurance-Serie-Wasserfilter-Trinkwasser-Entkeimung-2110070-6548_2wATumE9QBxw8e.jpg Katadyn Drip Filter Ceradyn
Katadyn Drip Filter Ceradyn
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Image 20704_CarbodynElement.jpg Katadyn Cartridge Carbodyn
Katadyn Cartridge Carbodyn
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Image 20720_Filterelement_Gravidyn.jpg Katadyn Cartridge Gravidyn
Katadyn Cartridge Gravidyn
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Katadyn brand information


Katadyn is a leading brand in the outdoor and survival gear market, offering top-notch water filtration solutions. The brand's products, such as the Katadyn water filter, have been a trusted choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Katadyn Befree is a popular option for backpackers and travelers, featuring a lightweight and compact design. For those in need of a heavy-duty solution, the Katadyn Hiker Pro is a reliable choice. With its efficient and long-lasting ceramic filter, it can provide clean and safe drinking water in even the harshest environments. Whatever your needs, Katadyn has you covered with their high-quality hiker water filters and befree water filters.