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Limar brand information


Limar is a renowned brand in the cycling industry, offering a wide range of high-quality bike helmets. The Limar Air Speed, Limar Air Pro, and Limar Air Stratos are some of their standout models. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and superior design, Limar stands out from the competition. The Limar Air Speed helmet combines aerodynamic performance with optimal ventilation, providing ultimate comfort and safety for riders. The Limar Air Pro takes it a step further, with lightweight construction and enhanced aerodynamics, perfect for those seeking peak performance. Limar also offers the popular Limar Bike Helmet series, prioritizing safety without compromising style or functionality. From road cyclists to mountain bikers and urban commuters, Limar has the perfect helmet for every rider. Experience the unmatched quality and performance of Limar helmets. Visit our website today to explore the full range, including the Limar Air Speed, Limar Air Pro, and Limar Air Stratos. Ride with confidence, knowing you're protected by the best. Choose Limar for your cycling adventures.