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Manitou Dorado Comp 37


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Manitou Dorado Comp 37

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Welcome to Manitou, a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension systems for bikes. At... more
Supplier "Manitou"

Welcome to Manitou, a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension systems for bikes. At Manitou, we are committed to providing you with the best possible riding experience, whether you are a professional rider or a weekend warrior. Our range of suspension systems includes the Manitou Fork, Manitou Markhor, Manitou Circus Expert, Manitou Mastodon, and Manitou Dorado, all of which are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The Manitou Fork is a popular choice for riders who demand the best in terms of responsiveness and control. With its advanced damping system and lightweight construction, the Manitou Fork is perfect for cross-country and trail riding. The Manitou Markhor, on the other hand, is ideal for riders who want a more affordable yet high-performance suspension system. It features a reliable air spring system and adjustable rebound damping. If you're into freestyle or dirt jumping, the Manitou Circus Expert is the perfect suspension system for you. It provides excellent control and stability, allowing you to perform even the most demanding tricks with ease. Meanwhile, the Manitou Mastodon is designed for extreme riding conditions, including snow and sand. With its massive 37-inch stanchions, it can handle even the toughest terrain. Finally, the Manitou Dorado is the ultimate downhill suspension system. It features an inverted design for maximum strength and stiffness, as well as a highly responsive damping system that ensures a smooth and controlled ride. At Manitou, we are dedicated to providing you with the best suspension systems on the market. Choose Manitou for a ride that is smoother, faster, and more fun than ever before.

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