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Pieps Jetforce BT Pack 25


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Pieps Jetforce BT Pack 25 more

Pieps Jetforce BT Pack 25

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Worldwide known for its technology, PIEPS is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to... more
Supplier "Pieps"

Worldwide known for its technology, PIEPS is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to safety technology in winter sports. PIEPS offers avalanche backpacks suitable for ski tours but also shovels, probes such as the iProbe series, sets and transceivers. The airbags in the avalanche backpacks are necessary for every skier. PIEPS has models such as Jetforce BT Pack 35, Jetforce BT Pack 25 and Jetforce Tour Pro 34. Other backpacks are Track 30, Track 25, Summit 40. As a transceiver, there is also the PIEPS Powder BT and DSP Sport. Black Diamond is also using the PIEPS technologie in its avalanche backpacks.

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