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Profile Design brand information

Profile Design

Profile Design: Revolutionizing Aerodynamics and Performance. Profile Design is a leading brand in aerodynamic cycling components and wheels. Their products, including the renowned Profile Design aerobar, aerobar riser, Profile Design Aeria, and Profile Design wheels, empower athletes to enhance their performance and achieve new levels of success. Profile Design understands the importance of optimizing aerodynamics for cyclists. Their team of engineers and designers create innovative solutions that reduce drag and maximize speed. The Profile Design aerobar provides a streamlined position, allowing riders to slice through the air with minimal resistance. The aerobar stands out with superior aerodynamics and comfort. Whether professional racers or dedicated enthusiasts, athletes rely on the aerobar's performance, adjustability, and ergonomics. The aerobar risers offer customizable height options for added versatility. The Aeria, an aerodynamic handlebar system, gives athletes an edge in every race. With a sleek design and integrated hydration and storage solutions, the Aeria is the ultimate choice for triathletes and time trialists seeking speed and convenience. Profile Design's wheels are engineered for unrivaled speed and stability. Trusted by professionals and amateurs, these wheels excel in sprinting to the finish line and conquering challenging terrains. Choose Profile Design for top-notch performance and aerodynamics. Join elite athletes who rely on their products for a competitive advantage. Unlock your true potential with Profile Design.