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Image 00-0000061359_0971.jpg Salewa Ms Mtn Trainer Lite Mid GTX - Black/Black
Salewa Ms Mtn Trainer Lite Mid GTX
$116.06   $145.08  
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Image 00-0000001235_3420.jpg Salewa Koala II
Salewa Koala II
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Image 00-0000001259_6870.jpg Salewa Alptrek 50 +10 Bp Ws
Salewa Alptrek 50 +10 Bp Ws
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Image 00-0000001260_3980.jpg Salewa Alptrek 55 +10 Bp
Salewa Alptrek 55 +10 Bp
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Image 00-0000001715_0160.jpg Salewa Quick Screw
Salewa Quick Screw
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Image 00-0000001754_3990.jpg Salewa Alpine-X Ice Axe - Night/Black
Salewa Alpine-X Ice Axe
$81.17   $115.95  
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Image 00-0000002383_1600.jpg Salewa Ptx BIVIbag II
Salewa Ptx BIVIbag II
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Image 00-0000002386_1600.jpg Salewa Rescue BIVI
Salewa Rescue BIVI
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Image 00-0000027161_0911.jpg Salewa Ortles Medium 2 Rds Dwn M Jkt
Salewa Ortles Medium 2 Rds Dwn M Jkt
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Image 00-0000027162_0910.jpg Salewa Ortles Medium 2 Dwn W Jkt
Salewa Ortles Medium 2 Dwn W Jkt
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Salewa brand information


Salewa is a premium outdoor brand that offers high-quality footwear and gear for all your mountain adventures. Whether you're exploring challenging terrain or seeking out new trails, Salewa has the perfect equipment to keep you safe, comfortable, and confident. With products like the Salewa Wildfire, Salewa Mountain Trainer, Salewa Wildfire GTX, Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX, and Salewa Crow GTX, you can be sure that you have the best gear for the job. These products have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern mountain adventurer, with a focus on durability, comfort, and performance. With Salewa, you can tackle any challenge with confidence and ease. So why wait? Choose Salewa and elevate your mountain adventures today!