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Sidi Shot 2


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Sidi Shot 2 - Elevate Your Cycling Performance Experience the pinnacle of cycling footwear... more

Sidi Shot 2 - Elevate Your Cycling Performance

Experience the pinnacle of cycling footwear with the Sidi Shot 2. Engineered for both practicality and performance, the Shot 2 features the innovative Tecno-3 Push Flex closure system, eliminating pressure points and ensuring a secure fit. The Reflex Adjustable Heel Retention Device enhances stability during climbs and sprints, while the Sidi Integrated Heel Cup provides anatomical support. The cutting-edge C-Boost SRS sole, crafted from advanced carbon, optimizes power transfer to the pedals. Its Nylon and TPU SRS inserts offer durability and ventilation. Elevate your cycling journey with the Sidi Shot 2, a testament to precision and comfort.

Next-Level Cycling Performance - Unleash Your Potential with the Sidi Shot 2

Unleash your cycling potential with the Sidi Shot 2. This remarkable footwear combines practicality and performance to elevate your riding experience. The Tecno-3 Push Flex system ensures a personalized fit, while the Adjustable Heel Retention Device keeps your foot secure during intense rides. The Sidi Integrated Heel Cup stabilizes your foot anatomy, and the C-Boost SRS sole, built with cutting-edge carbon technology, maximizes power transfer. Nylon and TPU SRS inserts enhance durability and air circulation. Conquer every ride with the Sidi Shot 2 – where innovation meets cycling excellence.

Discover the future of cycling footwear with Sidi Shot 2. Crafted by Sidi, a renowned leader in cycling gear, the Shot 2 combines practicality and performance seamlessly. Its Tecno-3 Push Flex closure ensures a snug fit, while the Adjustable Heel Retention Device secures your foot even during challenging terrains. The C-Boost SRS sole, featuring advanced carbon construction, optimizes power transfer for superior pedaling efficiency. The Sidi Shot 2 is more than cycling gear; it's a revolution in comfort, stability, and performance.

Product Details of the Sidi Shot 2

  • Tecno-3 Push Flex closure for pressure-free fit
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device for enhanced stability
  • Sidi Integrated Heel Cup for anatomical support
  • C-Boost SRS sole with advanced carbon for optimal power transfer
  • Nylon and TPU SRS inserts for durability and ventilation
  • Reflective inserts for safety in low visibility conditions

Into a new era with SIDI Shot 2 Galaxy. a new colour scheme inspired by the new frontiers of space.



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Sidi is a renowned brand in the world of cycling shoes . Their extensive range of sidiboots ,... more
Supplier "Sidi"

Sidi is a renowned brand in the world of cycling shoes. Their extensive range of sidiboots, sidi shoes and sidi mtb shoes cater to the needs of all types of cyclists. The sidi crossfire 3 is one of the most popular choices among professional riders due to its high-quality construction and exceptional performance. Every pair of Sidi shoes is designed with the rider's comfort and safety in mind, making them the ideal choice for all your cycling needs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Sidi has a shoe that is perfect for you. With their attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest materials, Sidi cycling shoes are the go-to choice for cyclists of all levels. Invest in a pair of Sidi shoes today and experience the difference for yourself.