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Slingshot SlingWing V3


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Slingshot SlingWing V3 – Water sports finest foilboard Do you feel like searching for: water... more

Slingshot SlingWing V3 – Water sports finest foilboard

Do you feel like searching for: water activities near me ? Then you shouldn't wait any longer and start experiencing a new water sports activity that will blow your mind. Slingshot made gliding over the water with their SlingWing V3 feel absolutely effortless and calm and made it as easy and attainable possible.

SlingWing V3 – The best way to take Tropical places for yourself

Slingshot designs their water sport gear with a lot of love for detail, so you can go for windsurfing and see the best vacation spots while enjoying the wind pushing speed in to your foil. Winging has never been more intuitive with slingshot‘s foil boards then before, since the V3 offers forward drive, effortless balance and a stady pull you can rely on. Elongated handles make sure, that your hands always slide absolutely perfect to the right spot for maximum grip, without having to release or let go. This feature, Slingshot built into the SlingWing V3 makes sure that you have your own individual hand placement, which makes you achieve responsieness easy and quick on it’s maximum. So instead of overthinking, if the SlingWing V3 is the right Wing for you to go, trust the experience of Slingshot and the Manufacturing skills they bring with them and boost yourself tot he next level in windsurfing. Water sports can be challenging, but this foil will help you to handle the water and stay focused.

SlingWing V3 Features

  • New Elongated Handles
  • leading-edge luff handle
  • One pump speed system and strut dump valve
  • Harness line Attachement pigtails
  • Increased leading edge and strut diameter
  • Bombproof build for adventure water sports

Check out the SlingWing V3 in Action!

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