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Image 406.21000.000_1.jpg STX iWindsurf 250 x 83.6 x 6' RS
STX iWindsurf 250 x 83.6 x 6' RS
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Image 406.21000.000_1.jpg STX iWindsurf 280 x 85 x 6' RS
STX iWindsurf 280 x 85 x 6' RS
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Image 407_70696_000_1.jpg STX Finishing Arch
STX Finishing Arch
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Image 406_25010_000_1.jpg STX Ifoil Board
STX Ifoil Board
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Image 406_23210_000_1.jpg STX iSUP Performance Tourer
STX iSUP Performance Tourer
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Image 406_21000_000_1.jpg STX iWindsurf RS
STX iWindsurf RS
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STX brand information


STX is a renowned brand in the water sports industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products for water sports enthusiasts around the world. As a leading distributor of STX Foilboards, STX Foil Wing Boards, STX Foil SUPs, STX Inflatable Foils, and STX Foil Crossovers, customers can trust the quality and performance of this exceptional water adventure equipment. The STX Foil Board guarantees an unforgettable experience on the water by combining durability and maneuverability for riders of all levels. With its innovative design and advanced features, the STX Foil Wing Board takes foiling to a new level, letting you soar over the waves with ease. For those seeking versatility, the STX Foil SUP offers stability and excitement in one package. The comfort and portability of the STX Foil board make it the ideal choice for foiling on the go. The STX Foil Crossover offers exceptional performance and adaptability in a variety of conditions. Its bold design and cutting-edge technology make it a must-have for thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts. At STX, it's commitment to quality is reflected in the extensive selection of STX Foil Boards and accessories. Discover the collection today and experience the thrill of foiling like never before with STX.