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Thule RideAlong (Frame Mount)


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Thule Ride Along Taking the kids on a bike ride is easier than ever with the Thule RideAlong... more

Thule Ride Along

Taking the kids on a bike ride is easier than ever with the Thule RideAlong child bike seat. The bicycle seat’s quick release bracket makes mounting super easy and fast. The child bike seat bracket is attached with screws from the front, where there is room for a tool. Once the bracket is installed, the bicycle seat snaps into place and is ready to use in seconds. The Thule child bike seat also has a recline function for extra comfort and naps on the go.

Ride Along - The tiltable Child bike seat

The bracket is attached to the Thule RideAlong with screws from the front, where there is space for a tool. After mounting the bracket, the Thule RideAlong locks into place and is ready for use in seconds. Thule is committed to delivering exceptional products that are tested for quality and backed by warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. Thule offers a safe companion at your side with the RideAlong child bike seat. The DualBeam suspension system of the Thule RideAlong dampens the vibrations of the road through a sophisticated system to allow your child a pleasant and comfortable ride. The Thule RideAlong's child-proof seatbelt buckle ensures that your children arrive safely at their destination. The hands of your children are protec-ted by the integrated protective wings of the Thule RideAlong, whether you lean your bike briefly just against a wall or a house wall. At the same time, the Thule RideAlong offers, in addition to all its features, the charac-teristic of being suitable for most bicycle frames. Thanks to the universal quick-release bracket, the Thule RideA-long Lite is attached to the bike in no time or removed again to be always ready when you need Ihne. Thanks to the inclusion of a back light and the integrated reflector, the Thule RideAlong is well visible in any light. The water-repellent padding of the Thule RideAlong can be kept wonderfully clean.

Product details of the Thule RideAlong:

  • Your child rides safely with the adjustable 3-point safety harness.
  • Pleasant, comfortable ride for your child with the DualBeam suspension system that dampens vibrations from the road.
  • Your child is quickly and easily buckled in with a child-resistant safety belt buckle with a large button.
  • The integrated protective wings protect your child's hands when the bike is leaning against a wall.
  • Ensures a perfect fit thanks to one-hand adjustable footrests and foot loops, even when your child grows.
  • The seat attaches to or detaches from the bike in a snap with the universal quick-release mount. It is suitable for most bicycle frames (round frames with a diameter of 27.2 to 40 mm and oval frames up to a maximum of 40 x 55 mm).
  • Improved visibility thanks to an integrated reflector and mount for a rear light.
  • Water repellent padding is easy to keep clean.

Designed and tested for children aged 9 months* to 6 years and a maximum weight of 22 kg. *Consult with a pediatrician beforehand for children under 1 year.

Child bike seat - Thule RideAlong

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