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Image 27405_2201.jpg TIME ADHX Gravel Frameset
TIME ADHX Gravel Frameset
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Image 27302_2401.jpg TIME Alpe d Huez Disc Frameset
TIME Alpe d Huez Disc Frameset
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TIME brand information


TIME is a renowned brand that excels in manufacturing high-quality bicycle components. One of their notable products is the TIME ATAC pedals, designed for mountain biking enthusiasts. These pedals offer superior performance, durability, and reliability, making them a favorite choice among professional riders. The TIME MTB pedals are also highly regarded, providing excellent power transfer and control on various terrains. Another popular option is the TIME Speciale 8 pedals, known for their robust construction and innovative features. For road cyclists, the TIME Xpresso pedals offer speed and efficiency with quick engagement and aerodynamic design. TIME is dedicated to creating innovative and reliable cycling components. Experience the precision, performance, and reliability of TIME's exceptional pedal range, including TIME ATAC pedals, TIME MTB pedals, TIME Speciale 8 pedals, and TIME Xpresso pedals. Elevate your cycling journey with TIME, the brand that brings your ride to the next level.