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Image Aether_Plus85_S21_Side_Axo_Green_web.jpg Osprey Aether Plus 85
Osprey Aether Plus 85 The Osprey Aether Plus 85 sets new standards for those looking for a flexible backpack with a perfect fit. It is one of our largest backpacks and handles the heaviest loads thanks to its stronger LightWire frame and...
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Image TransporterDuffel120_F21_Side_Black.jpg Osprey Transporter 120
Osprey Transporter 120
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Image PocoLTChildCarrier_F21_SideBack_StarryBlack_web.jpg Osprey Poco LT
Osprey Poco LT - The outdoor child carrier Whether it's a big adventure or a small one, the Osprey Poco LT baby carrier encourages exploration. Wearing your child in a supportive, safe and comfortable baby carrier allows you to share a...
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Image Sojourn_Shuttle_Wheeled_Duffel22_Black_1000x1000_1.jpg Osprey Shuttle 45
Osprey Shuttle 45
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Image Aether_65_S21_Side_Black_web.jpg Osprey Aether 65
Osprey Aether 65
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Image Sojourn_Shuttle_Wheeled_Duffel30_Black_1000x1000_1.jpg Osprey Shuttle 100
Osprey Shuttle 100
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Image AuraAG65_S22_Side_TungstenGrey_10004009.jpg Osprey Aura AG 65
Osprey Aura AG 65 With the Aura AG 65 you defy gravity even on short trips with heavy packs or on week-long hikes - maximum comfort, also thanks to optimal ventilation. Tailored to the female anatomy, the Aura AG 65 features an...
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Image Eja58_S22_Side_CloudGrey_10004028_10003560.jpg Osprey Eja 58
Osprey Eja 58
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Image Exos48_S22_Side_BlueRibbon_10004027.jpg Osprey Exos 48
Osprey Exos 48 Osprey 's Exos 48 combines the super-talented trekking of the 58-liter model with the dexterity of the 48-liter model. It's perfect for weekend trips, but works well for longer trips and excursions depending on your...
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Image Sojourn_Shuttle_Wheeled_Duffel36_Black_1000x1000_1.jpg Osprey Shuttle 130
Osprey Shuttle 130
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Osprey brand information


Osprey is a leading brand in the outdoor and travel industry, known for producing high-quality backpacks. With a focus on innovation and durability, Osprey has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with reliable equipment for over four decades. The Osprey Kamber 32 is one of the brand's popular models, designed for all-terrain use and ideal for ski trips and winter adventures. With a 32-liter capacity and features such as a hydration sleeve and ski-carry system, this backpack is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. For those seeking a backpack for travel, Osprey offers a range of backpacks for travel, including the Osprey Farpoint 40 which is perfect for long-distance travels with its 40-liter capacity and comfortable shoulder straps. Osprey also offers a range of backpacks for women, such as the Osprey Tempest 20, designed with a women's-specific fit and multiple pockets for organization. Lastly, for those seeking a larger backpack, the Osprey backpacks 40L offers ample storage space, making it perfect for extended outdoor trips and camping. Choose Osprey for your next outdoor adventure and experience the comfort, durability and functionality of the brand's premium backpacks.