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Image 620027.jpg Trangia Leather case - Small
Trangia Leather case
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Trangia offers you everything for your outdoor - and camping kitchen. At Trangia you get a high-quality range of durable stainless - steel pots, gas burners, fuel bottles, camping stoves, camping sets, spirit burner and storm cookers. There are multifuel burner and transportable cookware in the assortment of Trangia, such as the measuring Mess tins or whole camping sets such as the Camping Set 24. The Eva Case series is stackable and available in different sizes like the Eva Case 27. The well - known Storm cooker from Trangia are available in different sizes and have a lot of power. Depending on the requirements you can choose between different models such as the Storm Cooker25, Storm Cooker25, 25 – 21 UL/D and Storm Cooker 27.