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Image 7924U1JB-Marker-binding-Jester-18-Pro-ID-120mm.jpg Marker Jester 18 Pro ID
Marker Jester 18 Pro ID The Marker Jester 18 Pro ID - for freestylers and freeriders who want total control in all conditions. You are looking for power transmission, reliability and cool looks? Then you are exactly right with the Marker...
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Image 7734V1ML-Marker-bindings-MARKER-ALPINIST-10-LONG-TRAVEL-BLK.jpg Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel
Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel
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Image 7734V1MS-Marker-bindings-MARKER-ALPINIST-DEMO-10-90MM-BLACK.jpg Marker Alpinist Demo 10
Marker Alpinist Demo 10
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Image 2030S1_mp_front_plate.jpg Marker Alu Pro Plate
Marker Alu Pro Plate
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Image 7934V1MB-Marker-bindings-KINGPIN-13-DEMO-100-125MM-BLACK_RED.jpg Marker Kingpin 13 Demo
Marker Kingpin 13 Demo
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Image W010S1B-Marker-Brake.jpg Marker Kingpin Brake 75-100mm
Marker Kingpin Brake 75-100mm
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Image 7130U1MX-Marker-bindings-XCOMP-24-BLACK_FLO-RED.jpg Marker Xcomp 24
Marker Xcomp 24
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Products from Marker


Marker has the ideal equipment to enjoy winter sports in the snow. The product range includes ski helmets, ski goggles, protectors and bindings. Discover the wide range of bindings to choose from touring bindings, freeride bindings, race bindings and all mountain bindings. For young skiers and snowboarders we recommend the Race 10 bindings and for all touring lovers the Tour bindings: Alpinist 12, Kingpin 12, Kingpin 13 and Kingpin 10. The right ski binding for Freeride is for example: Duke PT 12, Jester 18 Pro ID, Jester 16 ID, Griffon 13 ID, Squire 11 and Duke PT 16. Safety in snow sports is offered by the ski helmets: Phoenix 2 Mips and Phoenix 2 as well as the protectors such as Marker Body Vest Map and Body Vest Hybrid.