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Image 7516U1SS-Marker-bindings-BARON_EPF_13-100mm-black-360-0_3.jpg Marker Baron EPF 13
Marker Baron EPF 13
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Image 7650U1EB-Marker-binding-Duke-PT-16-125mm.jpg Marker Duke PT 16
Marker Duke PT 16
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Image 7624U1JC-Marker-binding-Jester-16-ID-110mm.jpg Marker Jester 16 ID
Marker Jester 16 ID The Marker Jester 16 ID - for freestylers and freeriders who want total control in all conditions. You are looking for power transmission, reliability and cool looks? Then you are exactly right with the Marker Jester...
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Image 7550U1EB-Marker-binding-Duke-PT-12-125mm.jpg Marker Duke PT 12
Marker Duke PT 12 Are you looking for power transmission, reliability and cool looks? Then you are exactly right with the Marker Duke PT 12! A binding that reliably fulfills your task and still looks absolutely cool. Marker Duke PT 12...
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Image 7130U1MX-Marker-bindings-XCOMP-24-BLACK_FLO-RED.jpg Marker Xcomp 24
Marker Xcomp 24
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Image 7734V1ML-Marker-bindings-MARKER-ALPINIST-10-LONG-TRAVEL-BLK.jpg Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel
Marker Alpinist 10 Long Travel
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Image 7433U1MB-Marker-binding-Alpinist-8-black-titanium.jpg Marker Alpinist 8
Marker Alpinist 8
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Image 7934V1MB-Marker-bindings-KINGPIN-13-DEMO-100-125MM-BLACK_RED.jpg Marker Kingpin 13 Demo
Marker Kingpin 13 Demo
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Image 7734V1MS-Marker-bindings-MARKER-ALPINIST-DEMO-10-90MM-BLACK.jpg Marker Alpinist Demo 10
Marker Alpinist Demo 10
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Image 2030S1_mp_front_plate.jpg Marker Alu Pro Plate
Marker Alu Pro Plate
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Products from Marker


Marker is a leading manufacturer of ski bindings, known for their high-performance and durability. Their bindings, including the popular Marker Griffon 13 and Marker Kingpin, provide skiers with maximum control and power transfer, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Marker Alpinist 12 is a lightweight option for backcountry enthusiasts, while the Marker bindings and Marker ski bindings range offers a variety of options to suit different styles and skill levels. All Marker bindings undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, trust Marker for your next ski binding.