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Image FCLAS04_SPX12_GW_B110_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look SPX 12 GW
Look SPX 12 GW
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Image fcia043_pivot18_gw_b75_blkicon.jpg Look Pivot 18 GW
Look Pivot 18 GW Bindings - Superior Control and Performance Experience unmatched precision and power with the Look Pivot 18 GW bindings . Designed for advanced skiers, these bindings combine exceptional reliability and performance,...
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Image FCLWO04_HTRADICAL10_D100_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look HT Radical 10
Look HT Radical 10
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Image FCIW101_HM12_ROTATION_D90.jpg Look HM Rotation 12
Look HM Rotation 12
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Darklite 12 Back Look Darklite 12 Back
Look Darklite 12 Back
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Image FCLRS07_spx12konect_gw_b110_rentsys_blk_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look SPX 12 KONECT GW Rent SYS
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Image FCLRN02_NX12KONECT_GW_B110_RENTSYS_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look NX 12 Konect GW Rent SYS
Look NX 12 Konect GW Rent SYS
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Image FCLWO03_HTRADICAL10_D92_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look JR Rotation 7
Look JR Rotation 7
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Image FCIW104_HM10_ROTATION_DEMO_D90.jpg Look HM Rotation 10 Demo
Look HM Rotation 10 Demo
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Image FCLRS02_SPX12_METRIX_GW_B120_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look SPX 12 Metrix GW - Black
$86.98   $173.95  
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Look brand information


Look is a leading manufacturer of high-performance ski bindings, known for their innovative Look pivot bindings. The company has been at the forefront of ski binding technology for over 80 years and is dedicated to providing skiers with the best possible experience on the slopes. Look's pivot bindings are the choice of professional skiers and recreational enthusiasts alike. The Look pivot 15, Look pivot 14, and Look pivot 12 are three of the company's most popular bindings, each offering unique features and benefits for skiers of different skill levels and styles. Whether you're an advanced skier looking for maximum control and precision, or a beginner looking for ease of use and comfort, Look has a pivot binding that is perfect for you. With their commitment to quality and performance, Look pivot bindings are the ideal choice for any skier looking to take their skiing to the next level.