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Image 121005222_1.jpg Croozer Dog Enna
Croozer Dog Enna
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Image 141107002_1.jpg Croozer BOB Ibex
Croozer BOB Ibex
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Image 121008122_1.jpg Croozer Cargo Kalle
Croozer Cargo Kalle
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Image 09_121001623_croozer_keeke_2_mountain_grey_buggy.jpg Croozer Kid Keeke 2
Croozer Kid Keeke 2
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Image 121008222_5.jpg Croozer Cargo Pakko
Croozer Cargo Pakko
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Image 121000818_03.jpg Croozer Dog Peppa
Croozer Dog Peppa
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Image 121005622_6.jpg Croozer Dog Tammo
Croozer Dog Tammo
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Image 121003223_6.jpg Croozer Cargo Tuure
Croozer Cargo Tuure
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Image 03_121001322_croozer_kid_vayaa_2_blossom_red_buggy.jpg Croozer Kid Vaaya 2
Croozer Kid Vaaya 2
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Croozer brand information


Croozer is a renowned brand offering a wide range of innovative and reliable products for active families. With the Croozer 535, Croozer Mini, Croozer Infant, Croozer Kid2, and Croozer Load attachments Ibex, the company caters to various needs and preferences. The Croozer 535 is a versatile option, providing exceptional performance and adaptability. Its sleek design and robust construction make it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, the Croozer Mini offers a compact and lightweight solution, perfect for urban environments or short trips. For parents with young children, the Croozer Infant and Croozer Kid2 models are specifically designed to ensure safety and comfort. These models feature advanced safety features and ergonomic designs, making them a reliable choice for active families. To enhance your Croozer experience, the Croozer Load attachments Ibex is a practical accessory. This attachment allows you to transport additional cargo effortlessly, making it convenient for longer trips or shopping excursions. Croozer's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the market. Whether you're looking for a reliable bike trailer or versatile attachments, Croozer offers an extensive range of products to meet your needs. Experience the joy of outdoor adventures with Croozer's exceptional products.