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Image 1130331a.jpg Tatonka Lastenkraxe
Tatonka Lastenkraxe
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Image 1348332a.jpg Tatonka Yukon X1 85+10
Tatonka Yukon X1 85+10
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Image 1346040a.jpg Tatonka Yukon X1 65+10 Women
Tatonka Yukon X1 65+10 Women
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Image 1954040a.jpg Tatonka Barrel XL
Tatonka Barrel XL
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Image 1337211a.jpg Tatonka Yukon LT 50+10 Women RECCO
Tatonka Yukon LT 50+10 Women RECCO
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Image 1338040a.jpg Tatonka Yukon LT 60+10 RECCO
Tatonka Yukon LT 60+10 RECCO
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Image 1341047a.jpg Tatonka Yukon 50+10 Women
Tatonka Yukon 50+10 Women
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Image 1342021a.jpg Tatonka Yukon 60+10 Women
Tatonka Yukon 60+10 Women
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Image 1343021a.jpg Tatonka Yukon 50+10
Tatonka Yukon 50+10
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Image 1344004a.jpg Tatonka Yukon 60+10
Tatonka Yukon 60+10
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Products from Tatonka


Tatonka is a high-end outdoor equipment manufacturer and offers a wide range of hiking backpacks, clothing, tents, tarps and duffels with its products. Tatonka's outdoor equipment ranges from gaiters like the Gaiter 420 HD to multi-burner, stoves and cooking sets. To be particularly highlighted are the tents and tarps from Tatonka, here you will find family tents such as the Family Camp, Tatonka Family Trek and Tatonka Alaska Family DLX Cocoon, but also 2, 3 or 4 person tents such as: Narvik 2, Polar 3, Rokua 3 and Double Mosquito Dome. As 1 person tent, we recommend the Tatonka Kyrkja tent. With the Tarp 2 TC, the Tarp 3 TC, or the Tarp 4 Simple you are well equipped. The right backpacks are required for hiking, trekking, camping and outdoor activities. Here we recommend the hiking and cargo backpacks from Tatonka, for example: the Yukon 70, Yukon 60 + 10 or Norix 48, Norix 65 and the Lastenkraxe from Tatonka.