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Image 15331_019.jpg VAUDE Karakorum Pro
VAUDE Karakorum Pro
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Image 12676_010.jpg VAUDE Skarvan 90+20 XL
VAUDE Skarvan 90+20 XL
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Image 12139_010.jpg VAUDE Shuttle Base
VAUDE Shuttle Base Short description: Lightweight child carrier for hiking very high wearing comfort individually adjustable practical pockets Product description: "Child's play" on tour! A light version of our popular bestseller Shuttle...
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Image 12674_925.jpg VAUDE Skarvan 70+10 M/L
VAUDE Skarvan 70+10 M/L
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Image 12947_010.jpg VAUDE Bike Alpin 25+5 - Black
VAUDE Bike Alpin 25+5 Short Description: Spacious multi-day and Alpencross backpack for mountain biking Description: The bear went over the mountain... The Bike Alpin 25+5 is designed for monstrous challenges and offers plenty of space...
$75.96 $94.95
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Image 41542_256.jpg VAUDE Wo Kapsiki Coat II
VAUDE Wo Kapsiki Coat II
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Image 12007_781_5.jpg VAUDE Drive Wing
VAUDE Drive Wing
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Image 12106_505_5.jpg VAUDE Drive Van
VAUDE Drive Van
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Image 12112_505_5.jpg VAUDE Drive Van Innertent
VAUDE Drive Van Innertent
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Image 12673_844.jpg VAUDE Wo Skarvan 65+10
VAUDE Wo Skarvan 65+10
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Image 12946_010.jpg VAUDE eBracket 28
VAUDE eBracket 28
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Image 12948_010.jpg VAUDE Bike Alpin 32+5
VAUDE Bike Alpin 32+5
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Image 14214_400_5.jpg VAUDE Mark XT 4P - Green
VAUDE Mark XT 4P Short Description: Versatile four-person tent with an expanded vestibule for all weather conditions Description: Robust and winter-proof outdoor accommodation! Even when the weather really means business, the Mark XT 4P...
$768.74 $960.93
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Image 14247_502_5.jpg VAUDE Rotuma 90
VAUDE Rotuma 90 Short Description: Large trolley for travel Description: A quiet giant: Rotuma II 90 is the optimized successor of the tried and tested Tobago trolley and a truly gigantic, sturdy travel companion that can be moved...
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Image 14397_010_5.jpg VAUDE Mundo 50+To Go
VAUDE Mundo 50+To Go
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Image 14398_403_5.jpg VAUDE Mundo 65+To Go
VAUDE Mundo 65+To Go
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Image 14507_750_5.jpg VAUDE PETair II
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Image 14510_010.jpg VAUDE Silkroad Plus (UniKlip)
VAUDE Silkroad Plus (UniKlip)
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Image 14525_010.jpg VAUDE Moab Pro 22 II
VAUDE Moab Pro 22 II
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Image 15325_994.jpg VAUDE Bike Alpin Pro 28 +
VAUDE Bike Alpin Pro 28 +
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Image 15473_781_5.jpg VAUDE Drive Van Trunk
VAUDE Drive Van Trunk
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Image 15589_010_5.jpg VAUDE CityTravel Carry-On
VAUDE CityTravel Carry-On
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Image 15822_334_5.jpg VAUDE CityTravel 60
VAUDE CityTravel 60
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Image 15823_334_5.jpg VAUDE CityTravel 90
VAUDE CityTravel 90
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VAUDE is a leading manufacturer of sports and leisure products in the outdoor sector. The product range is very wide and includes sportswear and equipment. From down jackets, rain jackets and bicycle clothing you will find numerous items for various sports such as cycling, skiing, hiking, trekking, and camping. But also, the matching equipment such as hiking backpacks, tents, bicycle backpacks and shoes and sleeping bags. For activities with children, VAUDE offers Child Carriers such as Shuttle Premium or Shuttle Base with accessories. For cyclists, there are many bike - bag models such as Karakorum Pro or the waterproof Aqua Back, Frame Bags and many more. Camping, whether by bicycle or hiking, succeed with lightweight tents such as Taurus UL 2P and Hogan UL 2P. For hiking or trekking tours, VAUDE offers many models such as the Brenta 30 or Jura 24.