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Image 083221821.jpg O.Symetric Ergo Aerosymetric
O.Symetric Ergo Aerosymetric
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Image 073367121.jpg O.Symetric Special Cyclo Cross
O.Symetric Special Cyclo Cross
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O.Symetric brand information


O.Symetric is a premium brand in the cycling industry that specializes in producing high-quality chainrings. If you're looking for an exceptional performance boost, then O.Symetric's products are perfect for you. O.Symetric's chainrings are available for all types of bicycles, including road, track, and mountain bikes. The company offers a wide range of chainring options, including the O.Symetric Campagnolo and the Stronglight O.Symetric. These chainrings are designed to provide a superior level of power transfer, enabling you to ride faster and further. The O.Symetric chainrings feature a unique asymmetrical design that increases the power output of your bike. The design ensures that your pedal stroke is more efficient, with more power generated during the downstroke and upstroke. This results in a smoother ride and reduced fatigue, allowing you to perform at your best for longer. If you're looking to upgrade your bike, then the Plateau O Symetric chainring is an excellent option. This chainring is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide a significant performance boost. With the Plateau O Symetric, you'll experience smoother gear changes, faster acceleration, and improved hill climbing. In summary, O.Symetric is a premium brand that offers exceptional performance-boosting chainrings. If you're looking to take your cycling performance to the next level, then O.Symetric's products are a must-try. Don't settle for less, upgrade your bike with O.Symetric today!