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Image 8337792.jpg Quarq DZero Crankset Powermeter
Quarq DZero Crankset Powermeter
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Image 3259090.jpg Quarq ShockWiz Suspension Tuning System
Quarq ShockWiz Suspension Tuning System
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Image 033049121.jpg Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor
Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor
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Quarq brand information


Quarq, a renowned provider of superior power meters and cranksets, offers exceptional solutions for accurate and user-friendly power measurement. The remarkable technology and cutting-edge design associated with Quarq have established a solid reputation. The Quarq power meter and the esteemed Quarq crankset cater to the requirements of both professional and amateur cyclists. These remarkable products seamlessly integrate with SRAM Quarq and SRAM RED Quarq drivetrains, ensuring a flawless power measurement experience. Among our impressive lineup, the Quarq DZero stands out as a pinnacle of power meter technology, delivering unmatched precision and adaptability. Committed to assisting cyclists in achieving their objectives, Quarq supports individuals in breaking personal records and emerging victorious in races. If you seek to elevate your cycling performance, Quarq is the ideal choice.