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Image 130296_1.jpg Robens Shikra Pro 3 - no color info
Robens Shikra Pro 3
$248.76   $310.95  
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Image Otra-2-PU-122063-tent-nordisk-dark-olive-01-hires.jpg Nordisk Otra 2 PU Tent
Nordisk Otra 2 PU Tent
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Image Telemark-2-lw-151006-nordisk-extreme-lightweight-two-man-tent-forest-1.jpg Nordisk Telemark 2 LW Tent - Forest Green
Nordisk Telemark 2 LW Tent Technical and extremely light double layer two man tentTelemark 2 LW is one of the most advanced tents in the world made of state-of-the-art fabrics and components including advanced ventilation, easy...
$382.36   $477.95  
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Image Alfheim-12,6-m2-142013-nordisk-classic-retro-tepee-tent-technical-cotton-1.jpg Nordisk Alfheim 12.6 Tent - Natural
Nordisk Alfheim 12.6 Tent Simple, spacious and iconic cotton tentAlfheim 12.6 is a true signature tent with its classical tepee construction. With its simple one pole construction it is very easy to pitch making it ideal for camping,...
$489.56   $611.95  
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Image Alfheim-19-6-m2-142014-nordisk-classic-retro-tepee-tent-technical-cotton-2.jpg Nordisk Alfheim 19.6 Tent - Natural
Nordisk Alfheim 19.6 Tent A truly iconic signature tent Alfheim 19.6 is the largest tepee in the Nordisk range. Built on a classical tepee construction it offers plenty of room for up to 8-10 people sleeping. The simple center pole...
$595.96   $744.95  
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Image Oppland-2-PU-122060-tent-nordisk-dark-olive-01-hires.jpg Nordisk Oppland 2 PU Tent
Nordisk Oppland 2 PU Tent
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Image 00-0000005623_5315.jpg Salewa Litetrek III Tent
Salewa Litetrek III Tent
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Image Oppland-2-si-112032-nordisk-classic-tunnel-two-man-tent-forest-green-2.jpg Nordisk Oppland 2 SI Tent
Nordisk Oppland 2 SI Tent Very spacious tent with superb sleeping environmentOppland 2 SI is a great tent for trekking – light, easy, roomy and compact with no compromise on comfort. It is very sturdy and the outer pitched aerodynamic...
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Image Oppland-3-PU-122061-tent-nordisk-dark-olive-01-hires.jpg Nordisk Oppland 3 PU Tent
Nordisk Oppland 3 PU Tent
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Image Reisa-6-PU-122057-tent-nordisk-cashew-brown-01-hires.jpg Nordisk Reisa 6 PU Tent
Nordisk Reisa 6 PU Tent
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