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Image BIKEROLLERBAG-ASHCROFTCAMO-610934343793_10002954_ASHCROFTCM-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Bike Roller Bag
Dakine Bike Roller Bag
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Image XTSEATHARNESS-BLACK-610934348927_10002989_BLACK-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine XT Seat Harness
Dakine XT Seat Harness
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Image LOWROLLERSNOWBOARDBAG_BLACKCOATED_194626408866_10001463_BLACKCOATD_22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
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Image PYROHARNESS-BLACK-610934348804_10002988_BLACK-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Pyro Harness
Dakine Pyro Harness
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Image DIABLOMITT-BLACK-610934239331_10002008_BLACK-91M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Diablo Mitt
Dakine Diablo Mitt
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Image FALLLINESKIROLLERBAG-SOLSTICEFLORAL-194626408569_10001459_SOLSTICEFL-22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag
Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag
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Image PICKUPPADDLX-ASHCROFTCAMO-610934326703_10002782_ASHCROFTCM-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Pickup Pad DLX
Dakine Pickup Pad DLX
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Image LOWROLLERSNOWBOARDHARDSIDE-BLACK-194626409238_10003570_BLACK-22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Hardside - Black
Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Hardside
$199.47 $284.95
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Image SPLITADVENTURE38L_BLACKRIPSTOP_194626419183_10003417_BLKRIPSTOP_22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Split Adventure 38L
Dakine Split Adventure 38L
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Image T9CLASSICSLIDERHARNESS-BLACK-610934349719_10002994_BLACK-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine T-9 Classic Slider Harness
Dakine T-9 Classic Slider Harness
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Image 365ROLLER120L_FULLBLOOM_194626422244_10003630_FULLBLOOM_22X_MAIN.jpg Dakine 365 Roller 120L - Full Bloom
Dakine 365 Roller 120L
$152.22 $190.28
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Image ULUA60LFISHPACK_GRIFFIN_194626422343_10003721_GRIFFIN_22X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Ulua 60L Fish Pack
Dakine Ulua 60L Fish Pack
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Image VERGECARRYONSPINNER42LPLUS_GEYSERGREY_194626422138_10003718_GEYSERGREY_22X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Verge Carry On Spinner 42L+
Dakine Verge Carry On Spinner 42L+
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Image REGULATORSURFTRIPLE-CARBON-610934272772_10002308_CARBON-91X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Regulator Surfboard Bag Triple
Dakine Regulator Surfboard Bag Triple
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Image TRAMSKIBAG-PORTRED-194626415802_10001469_PORTRED-22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Tram Ski Bag - Port Red
Dakine Tram Ski Bag
$68.97 $114.95
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Image PICKUPPAD-ASHCROFTCAMO-610934326666_10002781_ASHCROFTCM-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Pickup Pad
Dakine Pickup Pad
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Image TERMINALSPINNER40L-BLACK-610934334197_10002939_BLACK-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Terminal Spinner 40L - Black
Dakine Terminal Spinner 40L
$175.67 $250.95
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Image SPLITROLLER85L-CASCADECAMOCOATED-194626409023_10002941_CASCAMOCOA-22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Split Roller 85L - Cascadecamocoated
Dakine Split Roller 85L
$157.17 $261.95
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Image POACHERRAS18L-BLACK-610934248685_10002067_BLACK-91M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Poacher Ras 18L
Dakine Poacher Ras 18L
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Image CYCLONEHYDROSEALPACK36L-DARKASHCROFTCAMO-610934331271_10002826_DRKASHCAMO-02X_MAIN.jpg Dakine Cyclone Hydroseal Pack 36L
Dakine Cyclone Hydroseal Pack 36L
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Image POACHER40L_BLACK_194626409801_10003573_BLACK_22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Poacher 40L
Dakine Poacher 40L
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Image POACHER32L_BLACK_194626409818_10003574_BLACK_22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Poacher 32L
Dakine Poacher 32L
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Image POACHER22L_BLACK_194626409849_10003575_BLACK_22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Poacher 22L
Dakine Poacher 22L
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Image WOMENSPOACHER30L-SPARROW-194626409894_10003577_SPARROW-22M_MAIN.jpg Dakine Women'S Poacher 30L
Dakine Women'S Poacher 30L
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Dakine stands for qualitative and durable backpacks, travel bags and suitcases. Discover the extensive range of lifestyle - and bike backpacks, as well as travel bags and more. The versatile snowboard - and ski backpacks from Dakine like Mission Pro 25 L and Heli Pro 20 L offer great freedom of movement. With the fashionable lifestyle backpacks in different sizes and colours such as Split Adventure 38 L, Campus 33 L or Essentials 26 L, there is a suitable backpack for everyone. In addition to ski boot, ski bags and snowboard backpacks Dakine also offers Luggage and travel bags with wheels such as the Split Roller 85 L for comfortable travel.