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Image 0e4b3733294a25e75dac153bfe597b49.JPG QU-AX Unicycle Luxus
QU-AX Unicycle Luxus
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Image 5c878752e1c7fdb7396aca6890ad6035.JPG QU-AX Unicycle Muni Starter
QU-AX Unicycle Muni Starter
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Image cad96ffe5cabbd3adb8f3929a210431d.JPG QU-AX Unicycle Profi ISIS
QU-AX Unicycle Profi ISIS
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QU-AX brand information


Qu-AX: The Ultimate Destination for Quality and Adventure. Welcome to Qu-AX, your go-to source for unicycles and extreme sports equipment. As a leading retailer, we offer a diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of riders at every level. At Qu-AX, we take pride in the exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch performance that the brand is known for. Whether you're in search of a Qu-AX mini bike, Qu-AX Luxus, Qu-AX Muni, or Qu-AX RGB, our collection has you covered. The Qu-AX mini bikes provide a thrilling experience on compact and agile wheels. The Qu-AX Luxus series combines luxury and functionality, offering riders unmatched comfort and style. For tackling rough terrains, the Qu-AX Muni unicycles are designed to handle challenging off-road adventures with ease. And if you're after a vibrant and visually stunning ride, the Qu-AX RGB unicycles are equipped with colorful LED lights that will make you stand out from the crowd. Experience the thrill and excitement of unicycling with Qu-AX. Browse our extensive collection and find the perfect ride that suits your style and skill level. Join the Qu-AX community today and unleash your inner adventurer!