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Image 48cbe38867f8ab67e16f1b5e407c2baf.jpg Xpedo M-FORCE 8 CR
Xpedo M-FORCE 8 CR
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Image 14f7b5ea970fa47a113521de6cc700dd.jpg Xpedo CXR
Xpedo CXR
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Image a0eb25fb5e2b3372f7b32bb07e30b8d1.jpg Xpedo CXR Pro TI
Xpedo CXR Pro TI
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Image 871a0d2dcdf1b570e4f5115c406d86c9.jpg Xpedo GFX
Xpedo GFX
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Image 8896202887e16a200b3aaa9ccf20cfeb.jpg Xpedo TRIDENT
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Xpedo brand information


Xpedo is a leading manufacturer of high-performance pedals for cyclists. With a range of products designed to meet the needs of riders at every level, Xpedo has become a go-to choice for cyclists around the world. One of Xpedo's most popular products is the Xpedo Ambix pedal, which is designed to deliver maximum power transfer and comfort. The Ambix features a lightweight aluminum body and a durable steel spindle, making it ideal for both road and mountain biking. Another popular product in the Xpedo lineup is the Xpedo Spry pedal, which is designed for riders who demand lightweight and durable pedals. The Spry features a magnesium body and a chromoly spindle, and is perfect for cross-country and all-mountain riding. The Xpedo Mforce 8 pedal is another top performer in the Xpedo lineup. This pedal is designed for riders who demand maximum power transfer and control, and features a titanium body and a chromoly spindle. It is an ideal choice for downhill and freeride riding. Finally, the Xpedo Cxr pedal is a top-of-the-line choice for road cyclists who demand the very best in performance and style. The Cxr features a carbon fiber body and a titanium spindle, making it one of the lightest and most durable pedals on the market today. If you're looking for high-quality, performance-oriented pedals, Xpedo has you covered. With a range of products designed to meet the needs of riders at every level, Xpedo pedals are the perfect choice for anyone who demands the very best.