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Image 8020859_BeFree Gravity 6L_incl. hose and carrying strap (2).jpg Katadyn BeFree-Gravity Filter
Katadyn BeFree-Gravity Filter
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Image 2010000_Pocket_RGB.jpg Katadyn Pocket Filter
Katadyn Pocket Filter
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Image 8013622_CombiElement.jpg Katadyn Combi Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
Katadyn Combi Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
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Image 8018833_Expedition Ceramic Replacement Cartridge.jpg Katadyn Expedition Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
Katadyn Expedition Ceramic Replacement Cartridge
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Image 20704_CarbodynElement.jpg Katadyn Cartridge Carbodyn
Katadyn Cartridge Carbodyn
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Image 8019670_HikerPro_transparent.jpg Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter
Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter
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Image 8017685_Combi.jpg Katadyn Combi Filter
Katadyn Combi Filter
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Image Katadyn-Drip-Filter-Ceradyn-Endurance-Serie-Wasserfilter-Trinkwasser-Entkeimung-2110070-6548_2wATumE9QBxw8e.jpg Katadyn Drip Filter Ceradyn
Katadyn Drip Filter Ceradyn
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Image 8016389_Expedition-Filter_ab-01-01-2021s4JpnUNXGZI1r.jpg Katadyn Expedition ESS Filter
Katadyn Expedition Expedition ESS Filter
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Image 20720_Filterelement_Gravidyn.jpg Katadyn Cartridge Gravidyn
Katadyn Cartridge Gravidyn
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Katadyn manufactures equipment for outdoor expeditions and activities. Katadyn became known worldwide for its mobile drinking water treatment, filter systems and water filters. Well-known water filters from Katadyn are Hiker, Hiker Pro and Combi Plus. Even more handy are the Pocket Water Filters from Katadyn such as Tactical Fitro Aqua, Pocket Microfilter, Befree and Pocket Professional Water Filters. Katadyn-Optimus you will find easy-to-use and safe gas and gasoline stoves such as Optimus Polaris, Vega, Nova, Optimus Svea Burner and Elektra Fe Cook System as well as Crux Lite stoves. With Treck’n Eat from Katadyn you can prepare for your next trip, excursion or expedition with ready-to-use food. The many freeze-dried food and ready meals such as Chilli Con Carne are easily and quickly prepared with boiling water. From whole egg and butter powder to biscuits, day ration pack and emergency food ration, Trek’n Eat offers a wide range of products.