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Image 35061_382a.jpg Red Chili Charger
Red Chili Charger
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Image 35060_380a.jpg Red Chili Fusion Lady VCR
Red Chili Fusion Lady VCR
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Image 35073_200a.jpg Red Chili Voltage 2
Red Chili Voltage 2
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Image 35707_047a.jpg Red Chili Mystix
Red Chili Mystix
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Image 35708_036a.jpg Red Chili Voltage Lace
Red Chili Voltage Lace
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Image 35714_281a.jpg Red Chili Sausalito IV
Red Chili Sausalito IV
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Image 35055_229a.jpg Red Chili Voltage LV
Red Chili Voltage LV
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Image 35062_379a.jpg Red Chili Charger LV
Red Chili Charger LV
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Products from Red Chili

Red Chili

Red Chili specializes in climbing shoes and climbing accessories. In the assortment of Red Chili you will find numerous women’s and men’s climbing shoes that meet your requirements. The fashionable and high-quality clothing ranges from casual wear such as the Solon Zip Hoodie to functional clothing such as the climbing pants Mescalito. Very popular climbing shoes from Red Chili are Sausalito, Spirit VCR, Ventic Air, Spirit IV, Mystix, Magnet and Fusion VCR. With climbing accessories like chalk bags in different sizes or knee pad like Kneerock or climbing gloves like Jamrock, you are well equipped.