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Image 08-0000061803_0950.jpg Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour
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Image 08-0000061901_8945.jpg Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition Cl
Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition Cl
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Image 08-0000061902_8950.jpg Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition Cl W
Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition Cl W
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Image 08-0000061904_8950.jpg Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition CR W
Dynafit TLT 8 Expedition CR W
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Image 08-0000061908_0740.jpg Dynafit Hoji Free 130
Dynafit Hoji Free 130 Hoji Free - Touring ski boot Designed for downhill, the Freetourer from Dynafit guarantees you excellent performance on the descent. Due to the optimal fit, thanks to the Hoji Lock System , the ski boot has no...
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Image 08-0000061909_0155.jpg Dynafit Hoji Free 110
Dynafit Hoji Free 110 Descent-oriented Free touring boot for pin and frame bindings. Product description: The Hoji Free 110 unisex ski touring boot wins big points for its stability for Free touring and its slim fit. It is also...
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Image 08-0000061910_4460.jpg Dynafit Seven Summits
Dynafit Seven Summits
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Image 08-0000061911_8230.jpg Dynafit Seven Summits W
Dynafit Seven Summits W
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Image 08-0000061914_8815.jpg Dynafit Radical Pro
Dynafit Radical Pro Perfect all-rounder for uncompromising ski touring. Product description: The Radical Pro ski touring boot for men features the revolutionary Hoji Lock System and is an impressive all-rounder with uncompromising...
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Skiers know Dynafit, a ski brand that offers you a wide range of ski equipment and clothing. From ski jackets like Beast Hybrid and Mezzalama 2 PTC Alpha, backpacks, ski boots, snowboard boots and baselayer for women and men, to ski pants, running shoes, skis, bindings you will find everything. Touring skis like the Radical Pro, Free 107 and freerideski boots like the Beast, promise great ski fun. The Blacklight 88 is an all-round ski and with the different ski boot models Hoji Freee 130, Hoji Pro Tour, Hoji PX and Hoji Free 110 you get a good performance. As trail running shoe we recommend the Alpine Pro, Feline SL and Ultra 100.