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Image 140203.jpg Boker Abalone
Boker Abalone
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Image 121553.jpg Boker Swiss dagger
Boker Swiss dagger
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Image 121509.jpg Boker Vigtig vs. Wild
Boker Vigtig vs. Wild
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Image 113024.jpg Boker 1906
Boker 1906
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Image 113324.jpg Boker 1906 Schloss Burg
Boker 1906 Schloss Burg
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Image 111102dam.jpg Boker 1969 Mach-1 Damast
Boker 1969 Mach-1 Damast
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Image 111101dam.jpg Boker 1969 Z28-Damast
Boker 1969 Z28-Damast
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Image 110715dam.jpg Boker 98k-Damast
Boker 98k-Damast
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Image 120644.jpg Boker A-F 4.5
Boker A-F 4.5
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Image 120545.jpg Boker A-F 5.5
Boker A-F 5.5
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Welcome to Böker, the ultimate destination for premium Böker knives. With a rich heritage dating back to its inception, Böker has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Explore the exquisite collection of vintage Boker Tree Brand knives that showcase timeless elegance and superior functionality. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a discerning enthusiast, Böker USA offers an unparalleled selection to cater to your needs. Indulge in the legacy of Böker Tree Brand Classic knives, meticulously crafted to perfection. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to excellence, blending tradition with innovation seamlessly. Discover the allure of their Tree Brand knives classic series, where every blade tells a story of precision and passion. At Böker, pride is taken in offering products from such esteemed manufacturers, providing access to exceptional craftsmanship. Explore the range today and experience the epitome of quality with Böker.