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Image 31GX_BK_sideback.jpg Flux 2023 GX
Flux 2023 GX
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Image 9CV_BK_sideback_nylon.jpg Flux 2023 CV
Flux 2023 CV
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Image 1XV_T_sideback.jpg Flux 2023 XV
Flux 2023 XV
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Image DSW_BK_Orange_1.jpg Flux 2022 DSW
Flux 2022 DSW
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Image EM_Red_3.jpg Flux 2022 EM
Flux 2022 EM
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Image TT_Army_1.jpg Flux 2022 TT
Flux 2022 TT
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Image 22TW_BK_sideback.jpg Flux 2022 TW
Flux 2022 TW
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Image 12CVLTD_T_sideback.jpg Flux 2023 CV LTD
Flux 2023 CV LTD
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Image 34GS_BK_sideback.jpg Flux 2023 GS
Flux 2023 GS
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Image StepOn-BK-FS.jpg Flux DS STEP ON 2024 - Black
Flux DS STEP ON 2024
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Flux brand information


Flux is a leading brand in the snowboarding industry known for producing high-quality flux bindings, including the flux snowboard bindings, flux xf bindings, and flux ds bindings. With a focus on innovation and performance, Flux has established itself as a trusted choice among professional and amateur snowboarders alike. The flux xf bindings, in particular, are a top pick among riders due to their lightweight yet durable design, precise adjustment capabilities, and comfortable fit. With a commitment to excellence, Flux continues to produce cutting-edge snowboard bindings that meet the demands of riders at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Flux bindings are the perfect choice to elevate your snowboarding experience.