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Image 5fb2a658311b11dd4e1a6517fbe1a309.jpg KLICKfix City-Box KLICKfix
KLICKfix City-Box KLICKfix
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KLICKfix brand information


Klickfix is a renowned brand specializing in bicycle accessories. One of their popular products is the Klickfix handlebar adapter. With the Klickfix handlebar adapter, you can securely attach various accessories to your bike's handlebar. It's the perfect solution for mounting a Klickfix basket, Klickfix rack, or the versatile Klickfix Vario Rack. Additionally, Klickfix offers a specialized adapter for Brompton bikes, ensuring a seamless integration. If you're in need of reliable and convenient solutions for your cycling needs, Klickfix has got you covered. Choose Klickfix for top-quality handlebar adapters, baskets, racks, and more. Elevate your biking experience with Klickfix's innovative and functional products.