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Image 7514300.jpg Fulcrum E-Fire 3 650B
Fulcrum E-Fire 3 650B
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Image 7514292.jpg Fulcrum E-Fire 5 650B
Fulcrum E-Fire 5 650B
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Image 7514144.jpg Fulcrum E-Metal 5 650B
Fulcrum E-Metal 5 650B
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Image 7517782.jpg Fulcrum E-Racing 4 DB
Fulcrum E-Racing 4 DB
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Image 7514409.jpg Fulcrum Racing 3 DB
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB
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Image 7512866.jpg Fulcrum Racing 4
Fulcrum Racing 4
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Image 7512775.jpg Fulcrum Racing 5
Fulcrum Racing 5
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Image 7519135.jpg Fulcrum Racing 5 DB
Fulcrum Racing 5 DB
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Image 7512734.jpg Fulcrum Racing 6
Fulcrum Racing 6
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Image 7517584.jpg Fulcrum Racing Zero CMPTZN
Fulcrum Racing Zero CMPTZN
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Fulcrum brand information


Fulcrum is a leading brand in the cycling industry, renowned for its innovative and high-performance wheelsets, such as the fulcrum 7, fulcrum racing zero, fulcrum racing 5, and the fulcrum rapid red 900. These wheelsets offer unparalleled speed, durability and control, making them the choice of professional cyclists and recreational riders alike. Whether you're racing or simply riding for fun, the fulcrum wheelset is designed to enhance your experience. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, a Fulcrum wheelset is the perfect addition to any bike. From the lightweight and aerodynamic fulcrum racing zero to the versatile and reliable fulcrum racing 5, to the powerful and stylish fulcrum rapid red 900, Fulcrum has a wheelset to suit every rider's needs. Upgrade your ride with a fulcrum wheelset and experience the difference that only top-of-the-line technology and Italian craftsmanship can deliver.