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Image 601021_RAPTOR_WCR_115_W_3200.jpg Head Raptor WCR 115 W
Head Raptor WCR 115 W
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Image 609236.jpg Head Edge LYT 100
Head Edge LYT 100
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Image 600007.jpg Head Raptor WCR 4
Head Raptor WCR 4
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Image 600540.jpg Head Raptor 70
Head Raptor 70
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Image 31514201.jpg Head Kore X 90 + Attack 11 GW
Head Kore X 90 + Attack 11 GW
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Image 600385.jpg Head Edge LYT 90
Head Edge LYT 90
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Image 601171_FORMULA_100.jpg Head Formula 100
Head Formula 100
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Image 608225.jpg Head Advant Edge 75
Head Advant Edge 75
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Image 826012_lem.jpg Head Race Rain Coat Junior
Head Race Rain Coat Junior
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Image 233512_Boom_MP_1.jpg Head Boom MP 2022
Head Boom MP 2022
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Head is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sporting goods and equipment. The winter sports products offer everything from freeride skis, all-mountain skis, race skis, bindings, children’s skis, snowboards as well as backpacks, ski boots and snowboard boots. As all-mountain skis, the range includes the Worldcup and Supershape series such as: Worldcup Rebels e-SL SW RP, Worldcup Rebels i. SLR, Worldcup Rebels i. SL and Supershape e-Speed guarantee skiing fun. For those who prefer to ski freestyle, Head offers the freeride skier Kore 105, Kore 99. Discover also the many ski and snowboard boots like Vector Evo ST, Vector 120 RS, Vector Evo XP or Edge Lyt 130 and Edge Lyt 110. Very Popular are also the ski boot models Kore 1, Kore 2 and Raptor 140 RS. Match the skier, snowboards and ski boots or snowboards boots with the bindings of Head, like the Attack2 11 GW, FreeFlex Evo and FreeFlex 16X RD.