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Image 2769130057.jpg Lizard Sandal SUPER HIKE - Plain Black
Lizard Sandal SUPER HIKE
$72.07   $102.95  
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Image 2769200023.jpg Lizard Sandal Voda
Lizard Sandal Voda
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Image 2769210027_1585071_png_zoom_3.jpg Lizard Sandal RIDE II - Map Lite Grey
Lizard Sandal RIDE II
$79.77   $113.95  
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Image 2769220026.jpg Lizard Sandal RIDE II H20
Lizard Sandal RIDE II H20
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Image 2769030017.jpg Lizard Shoe Fin II Leather - Shark Grey
Lizard Shoe Fin II Leather
$95.87   $136.95  
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Lizard produces high-quality sandals, shoes and boots for hiking, trekking or mountaineering. The sandals and shoes by Lizard fit perfectly men’s and women’s feet. The high-quality Footwear is characterized by lightness, robustness and a grip sole. Outdoor enthusiasts love the natural running feel of Lizard shoes and sandals. For carefree hiking we recommend the hiking sandals Lizard Hike, Hike Super and Hex H20. Also, very comfortable sandals from Lizard are the Ride II H20, Bat II and Bat III as well as Voda. If you prefer to wear shoes, Lizard has a wide selection of shoes like: Lizard Kick Mid Nubuk, Fin II Leather, Lizard Kross Terra III and Lizard Kross Urban. Functional boots such as the Lizard Spin sailing boots belong to the range as well as the boat shoes Regatta and Lizard Kross.