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Image 10E2900_1_1_F20_Anthem_Pro_high_res.jpg K2 Anthem Pro
K2 Anthem Pro
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Image 10E2700_1_1_F20_Recon_Pro_high_res.jpg K2 Recon Pro
K2 Recon Pro
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Image 10E0005_267_1_F20_Disruption_78Ti_TOP-high_res.jpg K2 Disruption 78 Ti
K2 Disruption 78 Ti
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Wayback 106 K2 Wayback 106
K2 Wayback 106
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Image k2-mindbender-110-alliance-black-coral-grey-0.jpg K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance
K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance
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Products from K2


K2 has the ideal equipment to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the snow. The product range includes clothing, skis, snowboards and ski helmets, as well as ski and snowboard boots. Popular ski boots are: Recon 100 MV, Pinnacle Pro 130, Recon 120 MV, K2 Mindbender 120, Thraxis and BFC 120. Ski touring boots, freeride ski boots, all mountain ski boots, at K2 you’ll find it. You will also find bindings and backpacks, both for skis and snowboards suitable for the respective article. A great skiing experience is also offered by the skis: Shreditor 102, Mindbender 108 TI, Reckoner 102, Anthem 76 and IKonic 80 TI with and without binding. See also the Skis Coomback 104 and Annex 118.