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Image 130296_1.jpg Robens Shikra Pro 3
Robens Shikra Pro 3
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Image 130305_1.jpg Robens Green Cone PRS
Robens Green Cone PRS
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Image 250163_1.jpg Robens Couloir 350
Robens Couloir 350
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Image 130304_1.jpg Robens Chinook Ursa PRS
Robens Chinook Ursa PRS
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Image 130267_1.jpg Robens Buck Creek 2 - no color info
Robens Buck Creek 2
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Image 250187_1.jpg Robens Serac 600
Robens Serac 600
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Image 250219_1.jpg Robens Gully 1200
Robens Gully 1200
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Image 250225_1.jpg Robens Gully 900
Robens Gully 900
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Image 130290_1.jpg Robens Boulder 3
Robens Boulder 3
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Image 130287_1.jpg Robens Chinook Ursa S
Robens Chinook Ursa S
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Products from Robens


Robens offers you many outdoor products and equipment for camping. The range includes tents such as tarps and tipi tents, tunnel tents and multi - person tents. Equipment for camping such as, gas cookers, air mattresses, tent stoves, camping chairs and tables are also part of Robens. The Challenger 2 and the Starlight 1 and Starlight 2 are ideal tents for hiking and trekking tours. Even bigger is the Klondike Grande, Aero Yurt and Klondike Bell tent. Make your tents warm with the Denali or Kobuk tent stoves. Robens offers you the down sleeping bags Couloir 750 and Coulioir 350 so that you don’t freeze even without a tent oven.