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Image 1046SP_Indiana_11_6_Feather_Inflatable.jpg Indiana Feather Inflatable - 11'6
Indiana Feather Inflatable
$395.98   $791.95  
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Image 1022SL_Indiana_10_6_Fit_Inflatable.jpg Indiana Fit Inflatable
Indiana Fit Inflatable
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Image 1022BL_Indiana_10_6_FIT_Inflatable_Basic_Pack.jpg Indiana Fit Pack Basic
Indiana Fit Pack Basic
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Image 1022AL_Indiana_10_6_FIT_Inflatable_Premium_Pack.jpg Indiana Fit Pack Premium
Indiana Fit Pack Premium
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Image 1151BL_Indiana_8_6_Kids.jpg Indiana Kids Pack
Indiana Kids Pack
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Image 1035SP_Indiana_River_SUP_9_0_Inflatable.jpg Indiana River Inflatable
Indiana River Inflatable
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Image 3119SP_Indiana_53_Skim_Hardboard.jpg Indiana Skim
Indiana Skim
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Image 3219SM_Indiana_Surf_Foil_4_5_Carbon.jpg Indiana Surf/WingFoil Carbon
Indiana Surf/WingFoil Carbon
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Image 1007SL_Indiana_16_0_Touring_Inflatable.jpg Indiana Touring Inflatable
Indiana Touring Inflatable
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Image 3115SL_Indiana_4_6_Wakesurf_Hardboard.jpg Indiana Wakesurf Hardboard
Indiana Wakesurf Hardboard
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Indiana brand information


Indiana SUP offers a wide range of water sports products, including high-quality Indiana paddle boards, Indiana paddles, and Indiana stand-up paddle boards. These products are designed to provide a fun and safe experience for water sports enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Indiana SUP has the right equipment for you. For those looking for a more thrilling and adventurous time on the water, Indiana SUP also offers Indiana wing foil and Indiana inflatable foil board options. The products are designed for both leisurely use and high-performance activities, ensuring maximum enjoyment during your water adventures. Trust Indiana SUP to fulfill all your water sports needs.