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Sapim Hexagonal
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Sapim is a leading manufacturer of bicycle spokes, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. The company produces a range of spokes for different riding needs, including the popular Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Sapim Race spokes. Sapim CX-Ray spokes are a top choice for racing and high-performance cycling. These spokes are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them a great option for competitive riders seeking the best possible performance. With their aerodynamic design and exceptional stiffness, Sapim CX-Ray spokes are sure to give you the edge you need to succeed. For riders seeking a more affordable option, Sapim Race spokes are an excellent choice. These spokes offer excellent durability and strength, making them ideal for all-around riding and training. With their double-butted design and high-quality materials, Sapim Race spokes offer a great balance of performance and affordability. Whether you're seeking the ultimate in high-performance cycling with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, or a more affordable option with Sapim Race spokes, Sapim has you covered. With their commitment to quality and performance, it's no wonder that Sapim spokes are the top choice of discerning cyclists around the world. So why wait? Upgrade your ride today with Sapim CX-Ray, Sapim Race, or one of the many other great spokes from Sapim.